The Story of the Frog Who Befriended a Detainee in Guantanamo Bay

Story of a person who did not lose anything while being imprisoned for 14 years but came out as a much more learned and a much better person than he ever was. Came out as much more appreciated person than he ever was. May Allah save Shaker Aamer from the tyrants and accept his service for this amazing religion, ISLAM.

Babar Ahmad

What words come to your mind when you are describing a frog? Slimy, sticky, wet, clammy? I bet “attachment” is not one of them?

Perhaps you will change your mind after you read this incredible true story that was told to me by former Guantanamo Detainee Shaker Aamer, who was released nine months ago.

A few weeks ago I was walking near Southside shopping centre in Wandsworth when I bumped into Shaker. He had just passed his UK driving test so I told him that we should have lunch together to celebrate. We did this at a halal Lebanese restaurant. The food was good, but the conversation was exceptional.

Umar bin Al-Khattab, the second caliph and Companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him) once said that if it were not for three pleasures, he would not find any joy in life.

One of these three pleasures was “sitting in…

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Once Upon A Time, A Girl Married Her Hero

This story is absolutely must-read one. May Allah Azza wa Jal bless our brother, Babar Ahmad.

Babar Ahmad

The following story is based on real-life events and was told to me by several people directly related to the events in question, including those living in and around Peshawar in 1997.

Although I have fictionalised the conversations and some minor details for ease of reading, the basic facts of the story are true as I have verified from multiple sources. This story is longer than my usual blog posts but it is a very important post. Please let me have your comments…

Peshawar, North West Pakistan, 1997

It was late in the evening and the wedding party was in full swing. Earlier in the day Asma’s sister had taken her to one of Peshawar’s beauty salons to be made up and have henna decorated on her hands. She was wearing a red wedding dress lined with golden brocade.

Although of modest means, her family had travelled to Peshawar from…

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Honest Truth about Board Exams and Results.

Exams have become an important part of our lives and so are the results of the exams.Accepting them as a part of the life is okay but accepting that they are going to decide your future is totally wrong.Your future success has hardly any correlation with what you have scored in your board exams.For me and most of other guys in the world,exams and your success in life are two independent events and there is hardly any permanent impact of one on the other.

“Success in life is all about being patient,having a strong will,fine decision making ability and rectifying one’s mistakes once committed but success in an exam is a localized event of life whose impact remains for quite less time.Success of your future life is not the function of your board exams and university exams.There are thousands of examples where you can see a person becoming the most successful person despite having terrible time while studying.”

This is the season of results here in India and I want to convey it to every student out there that “Don’t judge yourself by the number of marks you scored in your exams,no matter if you scored good or bad”.If you scored great,don’t feel as if you have crossed every barrier in life because there are still a lot of barriers to come which you have to face anyway.If you scored bad,don’t think you have no ability to compete because there are still many more opportunities to prove your worth.

People will judge you by the results till you die and your parents will compare you with others till you start earning.People will blame you for the bad performance and even your friends will be blamed for your low score but you know that is not truth.What matters is whether you were sincere or not.This Blame Game is never going to end and no student needs to pay heed to it.

“The day of the result may be the most important day today.After 3-4 years you will laugh on how stressed you were because of all this and after 5-6 years you would not even give a damn to what you have done in these exams today – This is life,it moves on”

After some years when you will appear on job market you will find that there is something else than these exams which take you forward.Honest truth is that no one will care about your board result.Celebrate if it went well,do not worry if it did not.

Finally,I want to say “Your results are not going to decide your future,don’t cry over your grades.Be sincere and keep going on ….keep connecting these dots….Life is like these dots,just keep connecting them”.